Addus Health Care

Addus HealthCare has been providing a full range of home care services since 1979. Today, Addus is one of the largest providers of home care services in America. Our programs consistently exceed the strict standards set by state and local social service agencies.

The Quincy Addus HealthCare office has been operating since 2001 and can provide information regarding the many government programs to which Addus is a service provider. In the majority of cases, our team will make a referral to the appropriate local government agency or case management team to arrange an assessment of your health and need for assistance.

Addus provides comprehensive health care services including skilled nursing, personal care aides, and rehabilitation. Addus HealthCare currently holds over two hundred home care contracts throughout the country. The company provides health care services to over 25,000 weekly consumers from 129 offices in 19 states.

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Addus HealthCare
639 York Street
Quincy, IL 62301

Phone: 217-224-8372
Toll-free: 888-527-1535
Fax: 217-224-8382

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